French Bulldogs are an old breed known in European countries since the 17th and 18th centuries. During this time, the dogs have undergone significant changes. At first, they held to provoke bulls. Now they have become pets, companions. They are very attached to their owners. They are appreciated for their calm but stubborn disposition, the absence of the need for long walks, and careful care. You must pay attention to the state: · Ears; · Folds on the face; · Claws; · Fur coats. The color of dogs of this breed can be any. Therefore, it will not be difficult to buy a French Bulldog of black, fawn shades, with a speck or with stripes. You can choose a puppy for every taste. Dogs are not very large: males weigh up to 15 kg, females - up to 13. Life expectancy - up to 12-13 years. Prudence, calmness, philosophical expression of the muzzle appeal to the owners who want to see next to them a balanced pet, tuned in to contemplation of life rather than to actively participate in it. The French Bulldog feels great in country cottages and city apartments, it does not belong to those who like to bark at an opportunity. Need a calm, good-natured pet? Buy a French Bulldog. The Champagne Diamond cattery brings up the best representatives of the breed.