A big kind dog, a great companion, therapist, guide for the blind, and just a wonderful friend. The owner of the loudest bark (113.1 dB), the Golden Retriever is very common in many countries. This breed holds a confident third place among 194 in popularity. Champagne Diamond cattery offers to buy golden retrievers, the price of which will justify every penny spent. The dog gets along well with a large family and one person. Perfectly adapts to various living conditions. People have long appreciated many of the positive personality traits of retrievers: ☑ Good nature; ☑ Good attitude to other pets; ☑ Devotion; ☑ High intelligence; ☑ Simplicity of education and training; ☑ Stress tolerance; ☑ Playfulness. Physically, the dog is strong and hardy, capable of long walks and frolics. Life expectancy is 10-12 years, every day of which the pet will delight the whole family. Referees do not require complex care, specific hygiene procedures, or increased attention of veterinarians. Many world celebrities have preferred retrievers to other breeds. Buy a Golden Retriever from Champagne Diamond Kennel and enjoy the benefits of a champion dog.

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