Dogs with eyes the color of the northern sky have become very popular. Huskies reach 25-27 kg of weight, live up to 12-15 years, have an average height of up to 60 cm. For centuries, huskies have served as sled dogs. The breed was bred in the USA, where the genes of the dogs of the indigenous inhabitants of Alaska and the imported dogs of northeastern Siberia were mixed. However, the husky received official recognition of the world cynological community relatively recently - in 1966. Dogs frankly feel bad in the confined space of apartments. Only if they live with very active people who take long walks, exercise in the fresh air, and have hyperactive children. Movement is life. This expression characterizes the dogs of the breed. Numerous positive character traits have made the husky a favorite in many countries of the world. Animals: ☑Are good-natured; ☑Attached to the family; ☑Clean; ☑Unpretentious; ☑Non-aggressive; ☑Get ​​along well with other pets; ☑Are simply trained. The word of the man-leader is an indisputable law for them. Buying a husky is a great solution for cheerful active people. Champagne Diamond offers only the best of the breed, champion dog puppies.