Our brown-eyed husky Many were born on January 17, 2016, in the USA. Purebred American with grandfather-great-grandfather. It has an excellent pedigree. His father is the brave Kristari's Just Take It, its mother is Liberssol Not a Queen a Khalisi. The official documented name is Cristal Hot Topic.

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Many flew across the ocean and fathered many puppies of both sexes:

  • Champagne Diamond Billy
  • Champagne Diamond Forest Gamp
  • Champagne Diamond Vivat;
  • Champagne Diamond Yukon.

Female offspring:

  • Champagne Diamond Dayana;
  • Champagne Diamond Diana;
  • Champagne Diamond Triumphant Beauty;
  • Champagne Diamond Valkiria;
  • Champagne Diamond Vanessa;
  • Champagne Diamond Victory.

All puppies were disassembled and flew to different countries of the world.

Many took part in Ch Europe 2017, where he received the cup.

It is well-built, has a playful disposition, and is perfectly trainable.

Weight and dimensions are average for a representative of the breed. Strong paws, correct posture, proud gaze, chic fluffy tail, sensitive nose are harmoniously combined in a single image.

A charming smile, thick fur, cute ears with white inside — these external features of Many are passed on to offspring.

48 month