Button eyes and a small nose, a fluffy fur coat, and a perky disposition - such is the Spitz. The breed is classified as small and medium-sized dogs since dog handlers distinguish several varieties of Spitz. They differ not only in color but also in size. To buy a Spitz means to acquire joy, charm, a clear voice, and a sea of ​​energy. The dog is ready to play around the clock. It always rushes somewhere, she is interested in everything. Therefore, it is better to walk on a harness. Spitz possesses excellent guarding qualities, keen hearing, and a keen sense of smell. Dogs are valued for their qualities: ☑ Energy; ☑ Cheerfulness; ☑ Persistent character; ☑ Quick wits and even some cunning. Spitz does not like familiarity, they demand respect for themselves. The dog looks like a cute children's toy. Girls and older ladies love her more. Spitz must be educated and trained properly. Otherwise, he will at least chew on shoes. Many men make the right decision - to buy a Spitz for their daughter, wife, sister, mother. A lady with a small dog is a classic look. Buying a Spitz puppy in Champagne Diamond kennel means getting a champion dog, an excellent friend, and a companion.