French Bulldog imageFrench Bulldog image
The general portrait of the breed is serious, restrained, with a wrinkled muzzle and a small nose. Its ears are like a bat and have a cute tail. It doesn't bark for no reason, it just snorts, snores, and makes many other original sounds.
Bulldogs are big lovers of delicious, varied, and nutritious food. They need a properly prescribed diet. The maximum weight for a breed is 15 kg.
French Bulldogs are great for calm people. Moderate physical activity, a lot of attention, and love are what these dogs need.
The breed belongs to the non-sporting group. Short legs and a barrel-body are not conducive to physical education and overcoming obstacles.
However, the dog is brave, quick-witted, and quite playful in his youth.
Dogs came to France from Foggy Albion. From there, people came to Normandy, taking their pets with them. They fought rodents.
The dogs were hardy, with an easygoing character, original appearance. The French soon realized the benefits of the Bulldogs. The British said that this is such a new breed.
Over time, the Bulldogs have grown greatly in social status. In aristocratic courtyards, it was considered prestigious to keep a cute dog as a companion. At the beginning of the 20th century, the French Bulldog was an indicator of high social status and significant material wealth of the owner.
People fell in love with French Bulldogs for many of the positive traits inherent in the breed:
  • devotion;
  • love for a family;
  • calm temperament;
  • ease of training;
  • good intellectual abilities.
Family love is exactly the kind of job that Bulldogs do superbly. Young dogs are energetic, playful. Having matured, the dog understands that calmness and prudence, a philosophical attitude to life suits her better than stupid running around.
It takes a long time to train a dog. Young bulldogs get distracted and get bored quickly. Therefore, you will have to come up with various games.
Dogs do not require significant care. It is enough to wipe the short coat with a towel and comb it with a massage brush. You can bathe a maximum of four times a year. But the folds on the face, ears, and eyes need to be wiped so that an infection does not develop.
Representatives of the breed do well in large and small spaces. Bulldogs don't live on the street.
Changes in temperature or constant heat and cold do not tolerate well. It is better to go out on winter walks in clothes. It is enough to walk for 15–20 minutes in the morning and the evening and the bulldog will be pleased.
The dog loves to eat very much. This moment must be kept under constant control and adhere to the recommendations of specialists.
Bulldogs do not tolerate loneliness very well. It is not recommended for people who work 12 hours a day to acquire such a dog. The interior of the home will surely suffer from the teeth and claws of a bored bulldog.
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