Representatives of this breed enjoy the well-deserved love of dog breeders all over the world. Dogs have a wonderful livable character, remarkable intellectual abilities, excellently trained. They are not only companions but also guides, search engines, game carriers, rescuers. The breed does not bark just like that. There are practically no aggressive retrievers.
History of the Golden Retrievers
The breed is quite old. The first retrievers appeared among British aristocrats. They carried out the active selection and bred dogs for various types of hunting. Dudley Marjoribanks went down in history as a Scottish lord and founder of the breed.
Initially, golden retrievers were bred as specialists in finding shot game and delivering it to its owner. At the same time, the dogs were not frightened by dense thickets, swampy locations, and just the water surface.
The Golden Retriever has embodied the traits of many dogs. According to Sir Dudley's studbooks, the retriever got the genes:
☑ Bloodhound;
☑ Labrador;
☑ Tweed spaniel;
☑ Straight-haired retriever.
Sir Dudley's many years of work were appreciated. The breed was in great demand in the 19th century. By the 20th century, retrievers were being bought in the United States and Canada. Here the breed was slightly modified, getting a slightly darker color of the fur coat.
In this regard, it is customary to consider the following types of retrievers:
☑ English;
☑ Canadian;
☑ American.
Thanks to their excellent training skills, adaptability, and calm nature, the Goldens have become stars of advertising and cinema many times. In terms of intellectual abilities, these dogs are ranked 4th in the world.
The dogs are quite large. Boys weigh up to 40 kg, girls - up to 35–37. The growth of adult males is up to 60 cm, of girls - an average of 55 cm. A massive head, intelligent eyes, a mobile nose, a long fluffy tail, muscular paws, a hard, water-repellent coat. The color ranges from light golden to dark honey. Posture is noble, appearance is attractive. Live up to 13 years old. They delight the owner with the liveliness of character, playfulness, devotion, and unpretentiousness.
Retrievers feel comfortable in country houses. There they can run, play and frolic. Keeping in an apartment involves long walks (at least 2 hours a day), a person staying next to a dog for as long as possible. Otherwise, gnawed furniture and shoes are guaranteed.
Features of retriever puppies
Puppies need to be taken outside more often so that they get used to the toilet. Little Goldens up to 4 months old need to be taken down on the hands and taken up the stairs or use the elevator.
There are peculiarities in feeding puppies. The following meal frequency should be remembered:
☑ Up to 4 months - 5 times;
☑ From 5 months - 4 times;
☑ From 6 months - three times;
☑ From 8 months - twice a day.
From six months you can start teaching the dog to swim.
When looking after a puppy in a family, look not only at the entire litter but also at the parents, ask about their temperament, since it is inherited. Girls make the best companions, boys make service dogs.
No matter what feasible job the dog gets, it will certainly cope with it.
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