✓ Energetic husky;

✓ Sensible French bulldogs;

✓ Favorites of dog breeders from all over the world of golden retrievers;

✓ Cute pussies — Spitz

For 10 years of the kennel's existence, more than 300 families have become owners of thoroughbred puppies of different breeds. Do you need a pet with a good pedigree, excellent character, and health? Contact Champagne Diamond. Companion dogs diversify the life of adults, teach children responsibility, and become good friends both to people and to other pets. All documents for puppies are in perfect order, the necessary vaccinations are made, the little tailed beasts are ready to go to any corner of the world and make your life more energetic, brighter, and more sincere. 

Husky should be acquired by active owners of vast grounds, the retriever feels great both in an apartment and in a large house. A not very energetic human friend is suitable for a French bulldog. A Spitz is the love of girls and ladies of the whole world. Take a closer look at our cute puppies. Thoroughbred parents are noble children. And they can be yours.