The multi-breed Champagne Diamond kennel will help to decorate your life with a pet. We raise French Bulldogs, Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Spitz. Our dogs are laureates of many international exhibitions, winners of contests, and real champions.

Buy a French Bulldog at Champagne Diamond

Cute puppies on short powerful legs, a funny face, and «elf» ears — this is the first impression of the appearance of this noble breed. The first «French dogs» were bred in the 17th century, paradoxically, in Nottingham, in Great Britain. They lived in industrial facilities and were intended to combat rodents. Over time, the dogs crossed the English Channel and won the hearts of the French, and then all of Europe. By the 19th century, the royal and best noble houses of Europe had to wait long lines to get a puppy. Since then, the decorative breed of companion dogs has invariably delighted the world. Images of French Bulldogs can be seen in many paintings from that era.

The secret of the breed's popularity lies in many positive qualities:

  • kindness, excellent relationship with all household members, love for children;
  • excellent adaptability to rooms;
  • good watchdog instincts;
  • excellent learnability;
  • absence of genetic diseases;
  • moderate craving for physical activity.

The decision to buy a French bulldog is made by people who are pleased with the constant presence of a four-legged friend nearby, are not afraid of the snoring and other wonderful sounds, they are pleased with the opportunity to teach and train. Champagne Diamond line-bred French Bulldogs are marketed in Europe, the USA, and Canada, Malaysia, and India.

Champagne Diamond Husky — Blue Eyed Tailed Whirlwind

Responsive, perky, independent, and stubborn — these are the huskies that you can buy at a reasonable price in our kennel. The dog is medium, gets along well with other pets.It is better to buy a husky puppy for athletic people, since the breed is very active, preferring wide countryside spaces, long walks, bustle, and outdoor games.

These dogs value:

  • endurance;
  • unpretentiousness
  • cheerfulness;
  • courage;
  • optimism;
  • friendliness;
  • credulity.

Huskies will keep both an adult and a child company. However, one should not count on watchdog qualities.

Wondering where to buy a husky? Contact Champagne Diamond and our champions will make your life brighter and more diverse.

Golden Retriever is the embodiment of the great character, beauty, intelligence

One of the world's favorites. Retrievers are loved for their many positive external and internal qualities:

  • playfulness;
  • kindness;
  • intelligence (out of 133 breeds ranked 4th);
  • excellent attitude towards children and people with disabilities;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • devotion;
  • ease of training;
  • stress tolerance.

Anyone who needs a real shaggy four-legged friend should buy a Golden Retriever. A lonely person or a large family — this dog will feel great everywhere. Lack of aggression and gullibility prevents retrievers from guard duty or being guards. The breed is so loved that at the beginning of February they even appointed a holiday — the Day of the Golden Retriever. In many feature films, you can see worthy representatives of this breed.

The price of golden retriever puppies is justified by the joy they bring to your home and the pleasure you get from communicating with these shaggy optimists.

Spitz is not just cute pussies

The homeland of these miniature dogs is Pomerania, a region in Germany. Back in the 18th century, Spitz came to the court of the English nobility, later they crossed the ocean and got to America, and then to Japan.

Professional dog breeders singled out German Spitz into a separate breed and divided the whole variety of representatives of this glorious family into 5 varieties, among which there is a white Spitz.

Despite their small size and adorable appearance, the dogs willingly perform guard and guard functions. Where there is no opportunity to physically influence the intruder, the puppy raises a deafening continuous barking that can attract attention.

Photos of champion Spitz from Champagne Diamond demonstrate the external attractive qualities of these fluffy cuties, and to appreciate all the positive character traits of the breed, it is better to buy such a miracle in your home. The price of a Spitz is not very high compared to the positive that the dog will bring into your life. A lady of any age will be happy to receive such a hairy ponytail as a gift. The kids will be delighted with a furry friend, learn to handle animals, and understand them.

Whichever breed catches your attention, rest assured that every dog in the Champagne Diamond Kennel has received the necessary medical care, breed and pedigree documents, excellent parenting, and family skills.

Have questions? Contact us! We are experienced breeders and are ready to answer any questions about our pets.