You already buy a puppy and now wondering how to bring it to your country?

We can help you quickly and safely. We have arranged delivery of dogs by plane to many states and regions:

  • Europe; 
  • United States of America (Washington, New York)
  • Canada (Ottawa)
  • India (Delhi)
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Peru (Lima)
  • Israel (Tel Aviv)
  • UAE (Dubai)

There isn't a list of all countries and cities to which we deliver dogs at an affordable price to everyone. Call our managers and specify when the ordered puppy will arrive at your place. Reliable airlines will take your pet to the airport on the wings, where you can pick it up upon arrival. We also offer targeted delivery of dogs to the USA at an affordable price. 

The pet will not arrive at the airport but immediately at your home. We are responsible for the documentation and all necessary vaccinations. If necessary, the delivery of dogs abroad is carried out with a pet nanny. She will keep the puppy company on the road and make sure that the animal is in good condition and complete safety. The cost of delivery of Cargo dogs and the cost of babysitting services for animals is discussed individually since it depends on many factors:

  • breed
  • airline
  • the country the puppy is flying to

We guarantee the delivery of your pet healthy, joyful, happy. We transport pets of different breeds with care and love from one point of the world to another. People like a nimble husky, good-natured golden retriever, serious french bulldogs, cute fluffy spitz. Any of these breeds can become your friend, a reliable companion for children, girl, wife, sister, mother. You can only contact us and join the friendly proud ranks of the world community of dog breeders. 

Airlines are at your service, and pets nannies are ready to bring you a four-legged tailed ball of happiness today. Cargo delivery of dogs to the USA is the perfect solution!

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